Project PCT Pure Clay Tiles
project details

Based on the lively interest payed in the proved and tested WWC-process with its great economical potential, a plan is elaborated covering the erection of a new stoneware tile production plant.

• production of dense stonware tile out of Westerwald clays with low thickness of 3mm
• the location at the Westerwald area enable a wide range of clay varieties and very low transportation costs for the required raw materials
• colors and structures are produced only by the utilised pure clays and the use of natural pigments
• low production costs due to local raw materials and the natural drying process
• extremely ressource saving process. Apart of water no other of traditional tile raw materials are needed
• the production process enables various formats in width and length (>3 meter)
• very efficient cutting of specific sizes
• production quantity approx. 1 million sqm/a

Differing in the way of usual production of ceramic tiles, PCT stoneware tiles are made of pure clay only. The physical properties of clay enable particular thin but rugged tiles, however. The costs of manufacture a less compared to conventional costs as no energy is required for drying as well as for the very efficient final processing (rectification). The technically extended WWC-process enables multiple tile sizes, colours and individual design still providing good profit margins despite attractive selling prices. It is the only technical process known, processing the used raw materials completely into the product - resulting in a 100% output. Yielding is two to three times higher compared to conventional tile production, which is leading to lower costs of transport for the required clay raw material as well as for delivery of the finished product. This effect pays off especially for a production location at the Westerwald region in central Germany, which belongs to the four major clay mining areas in the world. No such resource considering and ecological efficient process is known.